Tuesday, February 9, 2010


While visiting in Georgia we were able to see cousin Abagail! It was a lot of fun.

abagail gives the best hugs!

so cute

kiss me!

Abby was trying to kiss Jake

Everyone was sharing

Everyone had so much fun

Coloring Cousin's! !

Maddy loving on cousin Abby:)

Abby was loving on Jake.

Maddy, Abby, and Jake!

Abby and Jake:)

it was really cold in georgia, we turned around to look at jake and he was covered by his jacket and he was waving at us and smiling, lol, it was hilarious.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coral World

jake and grandma driving , waiting in line for the car ferry
going on the car barge to get to coral world

maddy loved it, so much fun

on the car barge

maddy feeding the birds

jake loved touching the sea animals

jake and grandma , behind is the underwater observatory and where me and mike went snuba diving

jake wanted to go snuba diving with me and mike

maddy thought the iguanas were cool but a little scary

moms feet with the iguana. we kept feeding it lettuce:)

looks like a postcard, so beautiful

we were constantly stopping to take pictures:)

so cute

this is michaels yacht

I love the roads and the trees, so cool

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

St.John Vacation

Read carefully...
The sign just made me want to touch it... Jake is reading it carefully...

Mom said do the Michael Jackson baby, lol

Jakey loves his grandma!

The view from the sugar mill

B E A utiful!

sugar mill ! woo hoo

Sugar Mill

Maddy and Grandma at the sugar mill

At the old sugar mill

Uncle Mike thinking about giving Jake a bath, ew

I liked the cool trees

There were deer on the side of the road everywhere.